July 2009

July 2009

The second Karbonjournal.org’s postcard has finally been issued. Printed in 2.000 copies courtesy of Gajah Hidup printer, the postcards were distributed for free for the first time during the OK. Video: Comedy festival, ruangrupa’s fourth international video festival. The postcards will be distributed using a variety of means in a range of cities and even countries.



Komunitas Mejabudaya invited Karbon online journal to hold a discussion based on Hikmat Darmawan’s essay in our Fifth Focus: “Comics and the City,” which we published in February 2009. It was a discussion that gave rise to many new questions.


Kineforum and Karbon journal hold the second Exhibition of the History of Indonesian Movie Theaters. This exhibition is one among a series of events held under the theme of “Sejarah adalah Sekarang 3” (History is Now 3) – National Film Month 2009, presents a brief overview of the long history of the Indonesian movie theaters from 1900 to 2009. Held simultaneously in two venues—Galeri Cipta III Taman Ismail Marzuki and Komunitas Salihara.


Karbon journal in cooperation with Kineforum presents "Cinema and the City", a series of film screenings and discussions. Presenting seven Indonesian films from the New Order regime to this day, the program tries to review the journey of Indonesian films in recording the pulse of the city and its people.


The first postcard produced by Karbon online journal, about the Dirgantara Monument in Pancoran, Jakarta. Printed in 3,000 copies in May and December 2007, the postcards were distributed freely in various events held by ruangrupa, and it has been planned that the postcard would be distributed around the Pancoran crossroad, the site of the Dirgantara Monument—or the ‘Airspace Monument.’